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Quality & Data Protection

we have clear QA processes to deliver fully anonymized datasets for Healthcare R&D projects around the world

we store our datasets on GDPR and HIPAA compliant servers which are based in the EU

we transfer imaging and video datasets to our clients and partners securely and safely

we do care of your personal data; for any questions, please contact us at


medDARE is dedicated to meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvements of its services and strengthening the company’s position on the market.

medDARE is committed to providing quality medical data and annotation services that: customer requirements to help develop quality AI models

ii.are safe, anonymous and in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations all while constantly complying with national and international safety and performance standards, laws and best practices.

These commitments are met by means of internal processes, reviewing quality objectives and fostering a continuous improvement culture. The management team is committed to maintain the effectiveness of the processes while each employee is responsible for the quality of our services and compliance to this policy.

About GDPR and HIPAA compliance of medDARE’s product and services. The data to which medDARE gives access is fully anonymized prior to giving client access. To ensure appropriate levels of anonymization, medDARE has put in place a three-step approach:

1.agreements with its providers (hospitals and clinics) that include clear anonymization guidelines and requirements.

2.a first review by medDARE trained personnel who go through each individual DICOM to confirm the correct anonymization to medDARE’s standards and to guarantee that no non-compliant data are stored on medDARE’s servers and thus delivered to the client.

3.a quarantine and non-conformity process to ensure that any non-compliant data flags a problematic provider such that medDARE continuously reviews and improves its sources.

medDARE – like most business and websites – also collects information on its clients and providers, mainly to deliver and improve our services and your overall user experience. This collection is covered by our Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy applies to your information when you visit our website or otherwise use medDARE’s services. We only collect and process information where we have a legal basis, meaning where you have given consent, contract (where processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with you (e.g. to deliver the services you have requested), and, in some instances, for “legitimate interests” in the applicable jurisdiction.