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medDARE is a Dutch company incorporated in Amsterdam with collaborators in The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Ukraine. The Company’s business has a double origin of, on the one hand the collection, processing, and shipping of biospecimen mostly for companies active in diagnostics research and, on the other hand, data image annotation for companies active in medical diagnostics machine learning research. This rather unique and highly specialised background made us aware of the increasing need of the rapidly growing AI- assisted medical diagnostics industry for medical data of the right quality and with the appropriate metadata. Annotation of such data is also increasingly required.

Iryna Vasyliv

Chief Medical Officer

Iryna is an experienced and practicing clinical radiologist and an active member of the European Society of Radiology (ECR). For three consecutive years she has been participating in ECR conferences both as moderator and speaker. Iryna is particularly interested in innovative data imaging techniques and has worked with a number of European medical companies and researchers to train their modules such as detecting 20+ patterns on 3,000+ lung CT scans, 3D models of internal organs of the whole body for cancer research. She also managed teams of radiologists to deliver a range of projects in medical image annotation. Iryna regularly participates in conferences in Austria, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine help her pursue her interest in the latest developments in data imaging techniques and machine learning.

The founders created a biospecimen CRO in Ukraine in 2009 that specialized in originating and processing a wide range of bio-specimen for international pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics research companies. Bio-specimen could include base clinical data from the patient case, along with a redacted pathology reports and additional data generated by genomic, and histopathology services. Initially, most of the biospecimen originated from Ukrainian clinics but more recently, biospecimen were collected more widely. The company was acquired in 2020 by a leading life sciences company in the USA.

In 2015, the founders also created a data annotation company that initially worked mostly for the automotive industry (self-driving cars), but rapidly grew to service a range of other industries including the medical, automotive, retail, agribusiness and FMCG industries. Medical annotation includes, amongst others, box annotation, polygons, semantic segmentation, etc. for X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, tomography, and PET scans.

We therefore understand the needs of research teams in terms of quality and the absolute need to ensure the highest levels of data security and corporate governance. At medDARE, we strive to combine the highest levels quality and safety of our data. Full compliance with data privacy regulations is obvious to us.

Last but not least, we seek to provide exceptional efficiency and first-class client service at competitive rates to our clients. Our small but highly experienced team of medical and data professionals has a track record of getting things done and we are enthusiastic to be part of the rapidly evolving international medical AI and machine-learning sector.

Martin Elling


Over the past 20 years, Martin has been a serial start-up entrepreneur (co-) founding a number of businesses in B2B, financial services, data annotation for machine learning and a medical CRO. Martin always believed that a strict corporate governance framework is a prerequisite to creating a company value. This is even more true in today’s complex international environment with ever increasing IP and data security requirements. Following four successful exits, Martin founded medDARE, responding to the rapidly increasing need for original high-quality raw and annotated medical data to support organizations around the world to meet their research and development objectives.


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