ECR2021 in Vienna is quickly approaching, so don’t miss the opportunity to meet with the medDARE team in person. We help AI companies to shape the future of healthcare by providing anonymized datasets of a high quality and in big volumes. With these datasets researchers run and validate their AI algorithms in various medical domains, including radiology.

Who we are

medDARE is a startup founded by medical professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs to deliver high quality imaging datasets to the enterprises and startups which are focusing on AI. Coming from a medical background ourselves, we understand the challenges that healthcare companies operating in the artificial intelligence field face nowadays. If you’re developing AI-powered radiology software you’re in constant demand for hundreds of high-quality CTs, MRIs or X-Rays.

What we do

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we are a trusted provider for European radiological companies. We help businesses in Predictive Healthcare, Medical Imaging, Radiology Solutions, Imaging Solutions, Digital Radiography, Healthcare IT, Imaging Informatics, and Diagnostic Imaging to get machine learning healthcare data. Having a wide network of hospitals and private clinics as our partners, we are able to deliver medical imaging datasets in big volumes.

Meet the team


Bastiaan Elling, Co-Founder

Bastiaan studied Biomedical Engineering at the ETH in Zürich. Since 2017 he has been working for a medical startup developing a multifunctional laparoscopic robot. Bastiaan’s experience helps him understand the importance of quality and thorough work to bring a product or a service to the market. A climbing and paragliding enthusiast, he also believes that to go forward you don’t need to take risks, you just need the right tools. These values he’s also bringing to medDARE and its clients.



Iryna Vasyliv, Chief Medical Officer

Iryna has been a member of European Society of Radiology since 2017. For three consecutive years she’s been participating in ECR both as moderator and speaker. During 7+ years in her professional career, she’s been participating in conferences in Austria, The Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. She’s helped various European medical startups to train their modules for detecting 20+ patterns on 3,000+ lung CT scans, created 3D models of internal organs of the whole body for cancer research, and worked with the team of radiologists to deliver various projects in medical annotation.

Please contact us at or to discuss your imaging datasets’ needs and how we can help.